Shenanigans! Finding a Hotel! (Melinda)

So I’ve been trying to do a bunch of research on planes and hotels! A lot of people are having a hard time actually getting hotel reservations right now, but I came across some very interesting info that I thought would be super helpful and awesome to share with everyone.

So, I guess the majority of ticket holders have been having a super difficult time getting hotel rooms right now. Well on top of people booking before they even officially have tickets, I guess SDCC actually buys up a bunch of hotel rooms and then distributes them via their website. The hotels they have connections with are the ones that are close to the convention center or ones that they will be running shuttles to actually get to the aformentioned convention center.

But, be forewarned. Apparently shit kind of went down with this last year. People who were first in line to get hotels  were apparently getting some of the farthest away, having to take the shuttle. Obviously this is not a huuuuge deal, but if you’re first in line obviously you want the best seats, so to speak. As of my current research I do not know if those problems have been worked out yet. I’m going to assume… yes? Or at least since it was such a problem last year I can only imagine that it is being worked on.

So if you are not able to find a hotel yet, fear not! You are not only one. In fact, it would seem that you are in the majority range of folk right now.

The best advice I’ve found and can share is to keep (compulsively) checking the hotels section of the SDCC website for updates. Happy Hotel Hunting all! 😀


2 responses to “Shenanigans! Finding a Hotel! (Melinda)

  1. I think last year hotel information was posted in March. Good luck! I booked mine months ago!

  2. I booked mine without aide from SDCC (also did that in ’09). I prefer to stay in Old Town and ride the trolley in to the con area. Since the tickets themselves are enough of a chore to get, I figure, why go through the same shennanigans with hotel reservations?

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