Daily Archives: February 27, 2011

Thank you, Abalard… (Adam)

For the group costume we have decided to each be a character from the series “Archer”. I LOVE this show and so far the second season is turning out to be just as good as the first. If you haven’t seen the show, please stop reading this post and go check it out. It’s ok, I’ll wait for you to come back. It is far more important that you understand the awesomeness that is this show.


Anyways, now that you’re back or already understand the amazing show that is Archer, I can continue to tell you how really excited I am to go as the leading character, Sterling Archer. After much research, I’ve discovered that I really only have the option for two outfits that are instantly¬†recognizable, a black tailored suit or a black turtle neck (I’m not wearing the “Got Dick?” shirt). With that said I’ve decided to go with this look.

Yeaaaah, awesomeness!

For the record I will be wearing a crisper, less sex addled suit for the occasion. Now all I need is to get the suit I own tailored, which is¬†fortunately¬†very similar to the one above. The only real addition I will need to make is to add the tie clip, an item which shouldn’t be too hard to get a hold of …………………………………………… (brb)

And purchased on Amazon. Yeah, Amazon <3!

Anyways. Now on to the most important piece, Abalard!

Oh Abalard, your my favorite part of Episode One and you will be represented at Comic-Con!! This is the dog that Sterling brings home, as well as a slutty international stewardess. He can sing “Putting on the Ritz”. Because I say so.

Instead of carrying a big gun around all day I have decided to carry around Abalard. The pieces I will need to pull this off are a stuffed animal Pug and a voice recorder (soon you will know why). And OMGs whats this? Internet, you have these items available to me at low low prices? Why thank you internet!

Now for some math… yes I’m going to subject you to math, but it shouldn’t be to bad. The formula goes like this:





Awesome math indeed! Now you must be wondering what the voice recorder is for. Well I’ve decided to give him a collar with the voice recorder on it. Whats on this voice recorder? Because thats “Putting on the Ritz” man! Watch Episode One and you will know why thats amazing.

I can’t wait to put my Abalard together and make this an amazing costume.