Daily Archives: March 5, 2011

Upcoming Nerdity (Melinda)

Hello gang! So rather than do another cosplay post I thought it would be fun to post a couple of trailers for some of the new nerdy movies coming out this summer that will probably have panels at Comic Con! Enjoy!


So I’ll be the first to admit the first few trailers for this movie were a little too commercial and made the movie look pretty cheesy. However this trailer is not only the best trailer, but it really embodies who Thor is as a character. The humor is lovely, you get a great sense of the cast of characters and overall it gives a better sense of what the movie is about, something that the previous trailers were lacking. I have always always always been a DC girl. Always. To the death. This trailer makes me want to cheat with Marvel. I can’t wait to see what went into its making.


Captain America

This is just a super classy superhero movie trailer. The idea of keeping it back in WWII makes for a very interesting and original movie. We’ve seen Spider-Man flying through Times Square, Iron Man tooling around Washington DC, so this trailer shows a different side to the Avengers in a completely different time and era. This departure, coupled with the addition of the lovely Chris Evans, should make for a really lovely mix of war-time drama and super hero shenanigans. Super awesome. Cannot wait.


Green Lantern

Surprisingly this is the movie I’m most hesitant about. I’m a huge DC fan and this movie looks visually STUNNING but I honestly don’t know a while lot else about it. All of the promo stuff I have found has been on the FX, which looks great, but the Green Lantern story and characters are so wonderful and such an integral part of the DCU that I really just want good character work and great story. But I want to go to this panel because I want to learn more about the process that went into making the film. Also, its Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan!!! SO AWESOME!