Daily Archives: March 9, 2011

Hotel Morning Maaaaaaadness!! (Melinda)

This morning was Hotel Registration for the SDCC discounted hotels that they bought up all over the city thusly inducing panic to us noobs a few weeks ago when we could NOT book a hotel.

So it was just little ol’ me this morning. Apparently I am the only one of the four of us with no real life. For more information on this, see the length of  my previous posts. So with a list of 20 hotels in hand and a cup of tea I had been sitting at my computer filling out the hotel request form as humanly possible. After what was basically 4 minutes I clicked SUBMIT!!! and waited for the inevitable death to strike me down with some message such as ERROR! OVER CAPACITY! YOU WANT HOTEL ROOMS YOU HAVE TO SUCK VIRTUAL DICK MUHA HA HA HA!

But to my pleasant surprise, I was met with no virtual cock slap. Instead I was left with this….

So that’s pretty nice.

No stress, no crazy reloading. No virtual dickitry! Go team.

However NOW is the raging torrent of the inevitable. We must WAIT for 48 in hope that we may possibly get a slot. WHICH MAKES ME PERSONAL NERD RAGE! I’m personally terrible at this kind of waiting, as I fear we should be making a back up reservation as I type these words (stupid Melinda) but I shall persevere and  hopefully we will have good news for you all later! In the mean time I will be compulsively checking my email all day. 😀

PS: Things that are going to be hilarious 101: We’re all (theoretically) sharing a one bedroom. So if any of you lady folk (or gentlemen, we’re equal sexual opportunists here) want to take the boys off our hands for a couple of nights Caitlin and I would be just thrilled. *thumbs up!*