We’re just a couple of room mates, (and our friend Alex), who wanted to document our travels from the moment we got tkts to the very end of San Diego Comic Con 2011. We are long time nerds who have never been and as a result, plan to go all out to try to make this the best Comic Con experience ever! Two girls, two guys, awesome geeks! Come join us on this path to Nerd Mecca!

We will post little bios about the four of us later on as the site develops, but for the time being, ENJOY!

2 responses to “About

  1. Great idea for the site, recording the build up and your trip to your first sdcc.
    Its my first time to comic con too, traveling all the way from Belfast N. Ireland and July can’t come fast enough 🙂
    You all got some class ideas for cosplay and will be keepinig an eye out for the cast of Archer.

  2. Awesome! Glad to hear you enjoy the blog! Its neat that you’re trekking your way out all the way from across the pond!

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