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Prelude to SDCC: Starfest! (Caitlin)

This April 15-17th in Denver, Colorado, our household of merry geeks will be attending Starfest! For those of you not familiar with Starfest, it was originally a Trek con back in the day (geeze, with a name like Starfest, who would have thought?), but is now all-around-sci-fi-oriented. There are still plenty of Trek-themed events, like a Klingon Breakfast (which I can only assume is like those Disney character breakfasts, and the idea of having some surly Klingon serve me pancakes is HILARIOUS) and a Tribble Race (again, in my imagination this involves dressing children up like giant furballs and having them run down a track as they confusedly run into each other for my amusement).

This will be my first real con, though I am no stranger to nerd events and parties, so I’m pretty stoked. Guests include Jonathan Frakes, Mark motherfucking Sheppard (he’s that big of a badass, guys, check IMDB), Morena Baccarin, and a bunch of the DS9 crew.

Interesting note: my mother, who lives back on the east coast, has been looking for a reason to visit me out in Colorado. She’s a big Trek fan, so I’ve been trying to convince her to fly out for this. Here is an excerpt of the conversation:

Me: Come to Starfest! Doooo it.
Mom: Well, the last day of it is Palm Sunday, and the church–
Me: What’s more important here, really? Going to church, or telling Jonathan Frakes you thought he was dreamy 20 years ago? JESUS WILL UNDERSTAND!
Mom: You make a convincing argument.

For more information on Starfest, check the link-age: http://starland.com/wp/starfest/