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Day 1 – Getting the Tickets! (Melinda)

So, here’s the start of our story!

Adam, Caitlin and I got up this morning at 7:45am expecting to begin compulsively logging in to the SDCC badge registration site at 8:00. Unshowered and unkempt we made our way to the living room with a sense of hope and fear pitting in our stomachs. Tickets are difficult to get because nerds world-wide all try to log on to the site at the same time to purchase them. Twice now the website has become jammed and crashed, pissing off the internet internationally. This was to be the third time we would be waiting for hours at a computer screen, praying to get to the next step. What if the site crashed again? What if we couldn’t get tickets?!? There was no time for this kind of negative thinking! We all gathered around our computers within shouting distance of each other, the plan being that if one person was able to get into the purchasing part of the website, they would order all the tickets at once. It has been cold as a vagina on Hoth up here for the past few weeks, so we were snuggled in blankets, sweatshirts, hats and cats to keep warm at this wee hour of a Saturday morning. Coffee was brewed and we were ready to rock!

Of course, our plans were thwarted when we realized that we had miscalculated the Pacific to Mountain time ratio. Tickets would not be available untill 10pm our time. After much groaning, blame throwing and silly name calling we turned on the television and proceeded to sit nervously at our computers for the next two hours, periodically checking back to the SDCC website to see if anything had changed (even though we knew nothing would).

Finally at 10:00 we began logging in. Over and over and over again we refreshed pages waiting, hoping, praying that the next time would be the time we go the magic screen saying that we could enter our credit card information. I have never been more excited to spend money in my entire life. No seriously. NEVER. BEEN. MORE. EXCITED.

But I digress. It was the fabulous Caitlin who won out, clinching the deal and getting to the order confirmation page before any of us could even access anything beyond “We are over capacity”. We called our fourth in the party, Alex, who had been subsequently been sitting at his computer in his apartment at his computer doing the same as us, and we all rejoiced and reveled. I specifically started to squeal and hop up and down. Adam and Caitlin proceeded to stare at me. This is neither here nor there.

But viola! That is our humble beginning! I promise the rest of our articles will be more interesting! Horray! WE’RE GOING TO COMIC-CON!