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So at exactly, 10:55am Mountain Time, (thanks a lot Colorado), my room mates and I finally got to the fabulous confirmation screen stating that we were the proud owners of four tickets to San Diego Comic-Con 2011! BECAUSE WE’RE AWESOME!

The San Diego Comic Convention has long been heralded as the pinnacle of nerd/geek felanderings, every year having panels from all the top upcoming comics, movies, tv shows and other forms of fandom based pop culture. Common nicknames are Nerd Prom, Geek Mecca, Red Carpet… the list goes on.

But even though my room mates and I have been nerds for a long time we have never been to the SDCC. Tickets are coveted and hard to come by, and for us mountain dwellers of the fine state of Colorado, it’s quite the trek for us to make.

So this is going to be a special event for us and we want to share it with you, the internet! We want to document our journey, the building of cos play outfits, the planning of hotels and plane tkts and the like, all culminating in the arrival and time spent at this years SDCC.  

So join us! We will be posting a few times a week with personal updates about our journey through this process, both separate and together. Welcome to our adventure!

Also… because I totally haven’t said it enough today,